Core Fund – Arts

Atlantic Theater Company

New York City’s world leading arts sector plays a critical role in the city’s life, enriching its spirit, attracting emerging and established artists from around the world, and creating significant economic activity and benefits. The Foundation funds a broad variety of professional performing arts organizations, as well as a limited number of visual arts groups. Its primary criteria are excellence, innovation, and intellectual relevance. Within those criteria, it values creative diversity without cultural boundaries. The Foundation seeks to support generative artistry—the composers, playwrights, and choreographers creating new work and the musicians, actors, dancers, and artist-driven companies that bring their work to life. The Core Fund Arts Program supports a wide range of organizations from small groups focused on the work of a single artist, to larger producing entities and museums, as well as groups providing the infrastructure to sustain the creative life, which is the focus of the project-based Rosin Fund Arts Program.

Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater

The Foundation emphasizes the provision of general operating support, believing that strong artistic leaders are empowered with flexible funding.

Type & Size of Grants

General operating and project grants considered. Grants average $35,000 over two-years.

Core Fund Arts Program will not fund:

  • Individual productions
  • Capital campaigns or endowment
  • Organization and projects outside New York City