Rosin Fund – Arts

New York City’s world leading arts sector plays a critical role in the city’s life, enriching its spirit, attracting emerging and established artists from around the world, and creating significant economic activity and benefits. Despite this importance, the sector often struggles, whipsawed by real estate bubbles and collapses, hamstrung by chronic underfunding, and reductions in government support. Artistically excellent individuals and companies are often ill equipped to plan and manage through the hard times, to take advantage of the good or, more prosaically, manage the daily challenges of the business of creating art.

The Rosin Fund’s Arts Program will support a limited number of innovative, short-term and high-impact projects that support and strengthen the city’s performing, visual, and literary arts fields. The Foundation has chosen to initially do this in collaboration with the City’s many excellent art service organizations (ASOs) that support the creative process, provide the infrastructure that sustains artistic life, and help artists develop skills necessary for their creative pursuits.
The Foundation will consider applications from ASOs defined by geography or by creative discipline, including organizations focused on more than one discipline. It will also consider collaborative projects that include ASOs and other arts organizations. While presenting and producing organizations are not categorically excluded, the presenter must have, as a significant organizational goal, the development of, and service to, a defined artistic field. Further, those efforts must be the primary focus of the proposed project.

Proposed projects must articulate defined goals, achievable within three years, as well as proposed evaluation criteria. Proposals may include specific requests for funding of assessment and evaluation. Projects that offer leveraging opportunities from other funding sources are encouraged.

Proposed Projects may include:

  • Service provision, including IT assistance, fiscal sponsorships, financial management services, and audience development
  • Advocacy efforts or action-oriented research in support of policies beneficial to the field
  • Re-granting programs serving a specific sector or need
  • Targeted artistic development programs
  • Use of new technologies to assist audience development and other goals
  • The provision of studio or rehearsal space or other material support
  • Training, networking and targeted convening
  • While capital funding will not be considered, facilities planning projects may be funded

Type & Size of Grants

Grants will range between $100,000 and $250,000 per year (with the possibility of larger grants for extraordinary opportunities) and cover one to three years.

Rosin Fund Arts Program will not fund:

  • Individual productions
  • Projects focused on arts education
  • Projects outside New York City

To see our current grantees, please see the Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund.