Core Fund – Governmental Transparency and Accountability

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Project on Governmental Oversight

The Scherman Foundation’s Governmental Transparency and Accountability Program seeks to strengthen democracy in the US by increasing transparency and accountability and by promoting policies and practice. The Foundation believes that an informed, engaged citizenry with access to information is critical to sustain our democracy. The Foundation is interested in supporting policy advocacy organizations working on a range of issues including, but not limited to, combating wasteful, fraudulent, or unnecessary governmental spending; promoting cultural shifts within federal agencies toward greater transparency; combating undue influence in politics; and strengthening accountability mechanisms. The Foundation will also consider supporting a limited number of New York-based organizations working on local governmental transparency and accountability issues.

The program will support organizations and projects using a variety of strategies, including:

  • policy advocacy
  • engaging new voices and constituencies
  • research and analysis
  • communications
  • litigation and legal advocacy
  • public education and awareness building

Type & Size of Grants

General operating and project grants considered. Grants average $35,000 over two-years.

Core Fund’s Governmental Transparency and Accountability Program will not fund:

  • direct services
  • lobbying activities
  • research and publications not directly linked to policy outcomes
  • projects outside the United States