Core Fund – Reproductive Rights and Justice

NAPW in the Streets

National Advocates for Pregnant Women

The past few years have been exceptionally challenging for the reproductive rights and justice field. In addition to deep private philanthropic and public funding reductions, there has been an avalanche of legislative, regulatory, and administrative attacks on a range of reproductive health services and specifically on abortion rights. As a long-time funder in this area, the Foundation reaffirms its commitment to protect and advance the rights of all women in the United States to access a full range of reproductive health care services, including abortion.

The Foundation believes that in order to be successful, the reproductive rights and justice movement will need to address and engage all women, especially those most disparately impacted by regressive policies, such as women of color and low-income women. To broaden and strengthen this movement, the program will support organizations seeking systemic and policy change using a variety of strategies. Among those strategies, the Foundation will seek to support organizations and projects that include: advocacy efforts that authentically connect national policy with state/local organizing, leadership development that diversifies and strengthens the pipeline of new leaders, legal advocacy and litigation, and cross-sectional approaches that leverage skills and resources of new allies and constituencies.

Forward Together

Forward Together

The Foundation maintains its commitment to general operating support to help build the capacity of organizations in the field.  Where appropriate, however, the Foundation will also consider project-specific support.

Type & Size of Grants

General operating and project grants considered. Grants average $35,000 over two-years.

Core Fund’s Reproductive Rights and Justice Program will not fund:

  • Direct service
  • Research and publications not directly linked to policy outcomes
  • Projects outside the United States
  • Medical research
  • Scholarships or grants to individuals